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Report Email Scheduler

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Sales, Financial, Inventory & Asset Reports automatically emailed to you or your staff with our Report Email Scheduler.

DSD Manager, our DSD “all-in-one” route accounting application suite, can now automatically send reports via email with our ‘Report Email Scheduler’ module.

DSD Manager has over 70 “DSD” sales, financial, inventory and asset reports designed specifically by and for DSD distributors. With the Scheduler, all the user needs to do is select a report along with the precise filters for it to be emailed to them (and a defined distribution list) on a scheduled basis.


For example: If the Sales Manager wants to see MONTHLY SALES for specific Route Sales Person, all they need to do is simply select the correct parameters on the report and save the profile. The scheduler will automatically process the report at the scheduled time and email to the distribution list for this report.

Please contact support for assistance in using this time-saving feature!

To get started, contact us at: (888) 550-4700 or

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