About IntegraSys

IntegraSys was founded in 1996 by a former Haagen Dazs IT Director. With many years of solid experience in the distribution business, it was only natural that IntegraSys would create a solution that combines “real world” distribution expertise with the latest software and hardware technology. Our grassroots approach to the distribution business inspired the phrase “IntegraSys was a DSD company first and a software company second.”

IntegraSys is a leading provider of DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Route Accounting Solutions for the distribution industry. Our vision is to create an all-in-one solution for the distribution industry that saves our customers and partners time and money through efficient automation of their business.

IntegraSys also provides data warehousing and reporting solutions for manufacturers who distribute products through 3rd party distributors. Our industry expertise combined with technology has enabled manufacturers to gain insight to when and where their products are sold.

The Integrity of IntegraSys

IntegraSys comes from the word integrity. Integrity is the highest ideal we strive for as a company and believe it has been a key to our success. When our customers realize that we mean what we say and have the solution to back it up, trust is formed. We know that mistakes are unavoidable at times, but we promise to make it right when such situations arise.

What Makes Us Different

Integrity + Expertise + Industry-Specific Solution

We want to see our customers succeed and we achieve this through business partnership. We use the word partner, rather than customer, because partners are invested in the each other’s success. Our goal is to understand the unique challenges of each of our partners and develop creative and efficient solutions using the following recipe:


We trust each other in ever aspect of our business relationship.


We want to hear and learn about your distribution challenges.


We understand the distribution business and can help yours to grow.


We have a DSD-specific solution for your unique challenges.
The solid IntegraSys background in the distribution industry combined with our DSD-specific solution (DSD Manager) is a recipe for a great and long lasting partnership.
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