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New Webinar Available! What Food Distributors Need to Know NOW to Thrive in 2020

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Learn how smart distributors are maximizing profitability and cementing customer relationships now - while positioning to thrive this year and beyond.

Tune in as Route/DSD experts and their customers (busy distributors) offer real-world advice and tips on how to identify simple technologies that are key to thriving in 2020 and beyond.

Distributors of all products including those soaring in demand - like frozen ice cream, snack and frozen foods - know that it’s vital to operate at peak efficiency right now.  But sudden shifts in the retail landscape, technology changes including the demise of Windows Mobile, and a crushing uptick in consumer expectations are making that difficult.  

This webinar will help you take stock of your Route Accounting/DSD solution and see what solutions are helping your peers streamline operations and position for long-term success.

  • See what smart distributors like YUMI, Southern Ice Cream and other snack distributors have said about their route solutions and the value and ROI they deliver.
  • Learn how moving beyond old and dated Windows systems and handhelds to Cloud solutions with connected iOS and Android devices generates new efficiencies.
  • Hear about increasing driver productivity and satisfaction with optimized route deliveries that quickly generate revenues.


Brian Beans
Route, T&L Industry Expert
Brother Mobile Solutions

Jonathan Touhill
Director, Sales & Marketing