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Suggested Ordering Feature

Drive sales up and reduce out of stocks with our intelligent, suggested ordering option built into DSD Manager. Our suggested ordering algorithm uses several inputs to help predict the order for your customer.

Sales History – Base the suggested order calculation on a variable number of weeks of sales history per customer and item.

Factor in Returns/Credits – The suggested order calculation also takes into account returns or credits. This will ensure that the calculation considers all transactions by item and customer in order to suggest an accurate order.

Par Values/Build to – Download a straight PAR value by item or have the PAR amount padded by a specific amount. There is also an option to round up or down to the nearest unit or case.

This process is accomplished by the mobile user first entering or scanning the store inventory. The software then displays the suggested order using the functionality outlined above. The user will have the option to accept the suggested order “as is” or edit the final order.

To get started or to learn more about this feature, contact us at (888) 550-4700 or