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Mobile Store Resets & Auditing

Real-time Store Resets & Auditing are now completely integrated into our back office DSD Manager solution.

DSD Manager Mobile

This app was designed to automatically track the progress of store resets and audits. Gone are the days of tracking resets manually. Now, when Walgreens asks when all of their stores will be reset with their new displays, you can provide a detailed status report of your progress.

Just set up customers to be reset, a timeframe for the reset to be completed, and assign them to a user using our back office DSD Manager software. The mobile user can then do the following:

Perform the Audit or Reset

  • View planogram(s) by store
  • Take up to 5 photos during the reset (with GPS and Date/Time Stamp)
  • Add comments
  • Get the manager’s signature
  • The reset is automatically synchronized with DSD Manager for back office reporting

Account Overview

  • Sales History
  • Service Compliance
  • Invoice History
  • Customer Routing Schedule
  • Assets placed at customer location


  • Add audit notes to Customer
  • Indicate status: (i.e. ‘Service Request’ or ‘Out of Stock Alerts’)
  • View Audit history by date

To get started or to learn more about this feature, contact us at (888) 550-4700 or