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Full iOS Delivery app now available!

We are proud to announce the release of our new iPad (& iPad Mini) Delivery app! This app is available now and supports both pre-order and delivery functionality.

With our new Apple iOS iPad solution offering, IntegraSys continues to provide value to our customers by delivering rich DSD functionality, on the go, while at the same time keeping costs low resulting more time saved, reduced costs and increased profits! The new iPad form factor also gives the versatility for the device to be used as a multi-purpose. In addition to running our solution, the Route Sales Man can show video presentation and sales presentations to your customers.

Some of the new functionality includes:

  • INVOICE/DELIVERY – Ability to Create an Invoice for a Sale, Return, Buyback, Sample
  • PRE-ORDER – Ability to create (& send) a pre-order.
  • DRIVING DIRECTIONS – Integrated with Google Maps for driving directions
  • CREDITS – Ability to enter a reason code for Returns, Buybacks, Samples
  • VOID (Invoice)
  • PO NUMBER – Prompt User to enter a PO number at time of delivery.
  • PROMOTIONS – Promotions are supported at the time of delivery, including overlapping promotions
  • INVENTORY – Load Requests, on-hand visibility (from beginning of day until end), Transfers
  • PRE-PLANNED INVOICE REPORT  (includes order messages)
  • CRV (Bottle Deposits)
  • SALES HISTORY – Ability to view item sales history at the time of a sale
  • PRICE CHANGE (Security Enabled)
  • PRINTING – 4” Mobile printing
  • EMAIL INVOICE – the user can email invoices, orders, receipts and end of day settlement reports.
  • SETTLEMENT – Daily Route Summary Report lists all Invoices created, Voids and Payments collected.
  • INSTANT COMMUNICATION – Ability to send Invoices (incl: payments), Load Requests, and Orders in real-time OR at end of day

Contact us today for more information at: (888)550-4700 or